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Art is the language I use to tell my story. A conversation forms between paint, materials, and me. I express myself through the medium and allow it to organically move to the places it needs to go: drip, flow, and expand—and I respond.

Duality pervades my art: it lies on the spectrum between sculpture and painting, illuminated by shattered glass. The clouded narrative has a bright presentation. At a distance, it might look two-dimensional, colorful, and aesthetic; only up close can you see the depth of three- dimensional layers: hidden and exposed, transparent but unreachable.

My art is the textural space between my breaking point and my inner growth. I communicate through cultural symbols, language, and humor in my personal narrative, and I give a voice to gender identity and transition because of its prominence in my life. My borderless story continues on and beyond the edges of the canvas.

I was born and raised in Israel. I have a Masters Degree in Art and Design from Fresno State University.

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